Anti Aging treatments

Our anti-aging treatments will reduce your signs of ageing and rejuvenate your skin to make a healthy image in the mirror.
We have many options to address your specific concerns and will tailor the perfect treatment program for you.

Anti-aging treatments begin 

In your 30’s, your skin may be beginning to lose its glow and may show signs of an uneven complexion with sunspots and fine lines appearing.
In your 40’s, fine lines are turning into wrinkles as your skin’s collagen and elastin break down. The skin becomes less hydrated and the blood circulation slows down, leaving your skin looking less radiant.
Once in your 50’s collagen production decreases and the fat cells shrink causing loss of volume in your face, increasing wrinkles. Your skin retains less water, and that radiant glow diminishes even more.

Our complimentary consultation is the perfect way to discuss your concerns and has our Doctors and Dermal clinicians work out a treatment programme for you.


Tired skin / Saggy Skin /Changes in Jawline

These are the most common concerns to ageing.
The main areas it affects is the definition of your jawline, neck or loss of volume in your cheeks.
Our anti-aging treatments correct mild sagging skin and loss of volume on healthy skin than it is in your later years.
Your genes will often have a big effect on how your face ages and how to reduce the signs of ageing.
So looking at the females in your family, your mother or grandmother will give you an indication of your ageing process.
We have both surgical and non-surgical anti-aging treatments to consider.

Surgical options
Lower third facelift
Skin stitches
Liposuction to neck and jowls
Non-Surgical anti-aging treatments
Accent RF fat reduction
Skin tightening

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles can be viewed two ways one as a sign of character and the other a sign of ageing.
We have numerous treatments that can soften, reduce, or temporarily remove those lines.
The lines can be frown lines, between your eyes, lines on your forehead or crows feet, or laughter lines.
Aesthetica Image centre, reduce the signs of ageing with anti-wrinkle injection

Anti-wrinkle injections
Dermal Fillers
Accent RF
Laser RF 360
Osmosis MD active skin repair.


Our eyes are often the first thing that we notice the change in.
We can look tired with saggy upper eyelids, or not well with puffy lower eyelids, or unhealthy with dark circles under the eyes; when in fact you feeling great after a good night’s sleep.
Depending on the result you are considering achieving the surgical option may be best, but an individual non-surgical treatment plan can also be designed for you to reduce the signs of ageing.
Saggy or baggy eyelids
Blepharoplasty – surgical option
Upper or Lower lids
Both Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty
Dark circles under eyes

General lifting and enhancing non surgically
Accent RF
Osmosis MD active serums.

Sun damage, pigmentation

As we age, we may want to start to reverse the ageing process of years in the sun – looking for a more even complexion.
Years of playing sport in the sun, spending summers on the beach or just enjoying the summer sun, have contributed to your pigmentation and sunspots.
These can be easily treated if you are prepared to say out of the sun and wear sunscreen.
After the consultation, your symptoms can be significantly reduced with a personalised treatment programme.
Long-term results are achievable with a maintenance programme.
Aesthetica pigmentation reduction treatment will reduce the signs of ageing.

IPL – Intense Pulse Light treatment
Omnilux Revive – LED Light Therapy
Hydration treatments
Osmosis Active serums and sunscreen.


Until recently the neck was an area that “just aged” and the only significant procedure was a neck lift or liposuction to your neck.
With the advancement of technology, there are now a number of non-surgical options that can give pleasing results.
At the time of your consultation, all options will be discussed so you will be able to make an informed decision.
Options include:
Neck lift – Surgical
Liposuction to your neck – Surgical
IPL – Intense Pulse Light skin rejuvenation
Accent RF- Radiofrequency skin tightening and rejuvenation
Ultherapy – Ultrasound skin tightening and rejuvenation
Pixel – Fractional skin resurfacing


There are many skincare ranges on the market, however, there are not many that do more than polish the surface of the skin.
Osmosis MD skin repair is a range of serums and lotions that have been formulated to get through the skin barrier to the level it is needed to repair the skin.
At Aesthetica, we have been very pleased to be associated with the Osmosis range and prescribe it to all our patients.

Osmosis MD Skin Repair


Acne is a very common skin complaint and can affect people of any age. It can be caused by hormone levels, genetics, inflammation or incorrect skincare. Under the correct personalised management by Doctors and Dermal Clinicians, you can achieve smooth clear skin.
As well as Doctor advice, Dermal treatments could include:
Accent RF
Omnilux Revive – LED red light treatment
Osmosis skin treatments
Osmosis MD Skin Repair Serums

Acne Scarring

As a result of active acne, you may be left with acne scarring. The scarring can be superficial or deeper scarring. Our Aesthetica treatment programmes are designed in conjunction with the Doctor, dermal clinician and you to improve your complexion and reduce the visible appearance.
Surgical options can include laser resurfacing, subcision, undermining the scar.
Dermal therapy options can include:
Pixel – Fractional resurfacing
Accent RF
Osmosis MD Skin Repair

Unwanted hair

Are you tired of waxing, shaving or having hair removal treatments that don’t work?
Our Gentlelase Hair removal laser will significantly reduce your hair on your face and all parts of your body.
Hair types, skin types or hormonal hair all require individual treatment regimes.
At Aesthetica, your initial consultation will cover all these areas and a complimentary test patch will done.


Fuller Lips

As we age, we start to notice our top lip becoming thinner and losing volume. Or your top lip may disappear when you smile.
At Aesthetica, we have different products that can lift or fill your top lip.
The look you are wanting to achieve will be discussed at your initial consultation with one of our Doctors.
Our aim is to create natural looking lips for you.
Dermal Filler

Upper lip fine lines

Upper lip fine lines are part of the ageing process and are caused by the quality of skin, facial movements, or smoking.
Rejuvenating the upper lip fine lines options include:
Anti-wrinkle injection
Accent RF