Cosmetic Surgery Questions to ask

Undergoing elective surgery can be daunting, and selecting the right surgeon is vital for a successful outcome.
At Aesthetica, we have complied a list of cosmetic surgery questions that will help you to discover why not all surgeons are equally qualified or experienced in addressing your concerns.
It will help you make an informed decision. so you choose the surgeon for your specific procedure.
Best wishes!

Research is important

Qualifications and Expertise: When choosing a surgeon, consider their level of training and experience in the specific procedure you are considering.

Experience and Success Rate: Assess the surgeon’s experience and success rate with the procedure you’re considering. Inquire about the number of times they have performed it and their track record. Opt for a surgeon with a proven history of successful outcomes.

Risks and Complications: During your consultation, discuss potential risks and complications associated with the surgery. A competent surgeon will provide transparent information, address your concerns, and set realistic expectations.

Communication Skills and Bedside Manner: Choose a surgeon who communicates effectively and exhibits empathy. A surgeon who actively listens, answers your questions, and provides necessary support throughout the process can alleviate anxiety and build trust.

Conclusion: Thorough research is key to selecting the right surgeon for your elective surgery. Consider qualifications, experience, success rates, communication skills, and bedside manner. By making an informed decision, you can enhance the likelihood of a positive surgical experience and optimal results.

What to Expect

Doctor experience

  • What are your qualifications and certifications?
    Are you a Fellow of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery Medicine (ACCSM), specifically certified in the procedure I’m considering?
  • If you are a plastic surgeon, have you undergone additional training in this specific procedure?
  • How many times have you performed this procedure, and how frequently do you perform it?
  • Can I see before and after photos of patients who have undergone the same procedure?
  • Will there be any assisting practitioners involved, and what are their qualifications?
  • Who will administer my anesthesia, and what qualifications do they have? What type of anesthesia will be used?

Your Procedure and options

  • Where will the procedure be performed? Is the facility licensed for this particular procedure?
  • What are the risks associated with this procedure, including any risks specific to my health history?
  • What are the potential side effects?
  • Can you provide information about any complications experienced by patients who have undergone this procedure under your care?
  • Are there any alternative options to this procedure?
  • What are the total costs involved, and what does the cost cover? Will additional fees apply for further treatments or revisions?
  • How long can I expect the results to last, and will additional procedures be necessary?
  • What can I expect in terms of scarring?
  • What recourse do I have if I’m not satisfied with the results?

Cosmetic Surgery and aftercare

  • What type of care will I require post-surgery, and who will provide it?
  • What level of discomfort or pain should I anticipate, and how will it be managed?
  • How long will the recovery period be? When can I expect to resume normal activities, such as showering, exercising, driving, and shopping?
  • What should I do if any issues or complications arise? Who should I contact?

Remember, if you feel uneasy or lack confidence in asking your cosmetic surgery questions during your consultation with the doctor, the friendly staff should be able to assist you.
Additionally, if any concerns are not being addressed effectively, you can speak to or call 1300 361 041.
For further information on preparing for cosmetic surgery, you can also visit

Aesthetica Image Centre is honoured to provide personalised care to address your concerns and help you achieve the look that reflects how you feel with our personalised facial treatments.

We Are a People Driven Team

Aesthetica Image Centre is a plastic cosmetic surgery. Also offering non-surgical interventions that deliver realistic and long-lasting results. Located in Armadale for almost 8 years, Aesthetica’s Cosmetic Medical Practitioners, with over 20 years of experience, are commited to combining the latest technologies and techniques with exceptional care.

Dr Tony Prochazka

Dr Tony Prochazka

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr  Tony a renowned cosmetic practitioner highly regarded within the Australian medical community. His practice extends across three prominent cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, and Shanghai. Dr. Prochazka has many years experience in a wide array of cosmetic procedures with a particular focus on cosmetic breast and facial surgery, encompassing breast augmentation, breast lift, face and neck lift, eyelid surgery, and fat grafting procedures.

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It is important to understand that any surgical, medical procedure or proven non-surgical treatment carries risks.
Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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