Double Chin Treatments

Double Chin Treatments are becoming the treatment options of the year.
As the year began, we did not know lots about Zoom meetings or working from home.
We are not so much concerned about the latest work fashion, but more about our image on the computer screen!
When did this double chin happen!
At Aesthetica we have options to sharpen your jawline or reduce your double chin.

Double Chin Treatments at Aesthetica


Non-surgical fortnightly radiofrequency treatments for your chin and jawline line  $150.00 per session
Packages available.


LIposuction for your double chin and/or jawline
from $2,800.00.

What causes a double chin
A double chin is caused by a subcutaneous layer (fatty tissue) sitting around your jawline and chin and neck.
It often arises from hereditary – some families store more fat under the chin than others. It can also be from natural ageing as the skin around the lower face and neck sags.
Some of our patients are not 100% happy with how their chin and jaw-line looks from certain angles and consciously stretch this area for photographs and online conferencing. A double chin can sometimes mask a jawline, giving the individual the appearance of carrying extra weight when they do not.
If you find that you’re self-conscious of your chin or you try to hide your chin area, then our treatment options could be ideal for you.
Aesthetica Accent rf for double chin
Double chin treatment

Beginning Your Aesthetica Experience

We care about you and want you to feel as comfortable as possible getting the information and options you seek.

  • Virtual consultations are designed to be quick and easy! First, you’ll have an introductory call with one of our patient coordinators.
  • After the call, we’ll send you a link to upload photos of your trouble areas.
  • After reviewing your photos, we can discuss options and costs with you via
    • E-Mail,
    • Text,
    • Phone Call,
    • FaceTime.

You also have the option to video with a surgeon to discuss your options in further detail!
We still offer our complimentary in-person consultations to discuss your jawline and double chin solutions at Aesthetica.

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