Facial rejuvenation fees

Facial rejuvenation fees

Non surgical Facial rejuvenation options

All non surgical facial rejuvenation fees including options are correct as of December 2017. Discounted packages can be individually created to take into consideration your concerns, expectations, budget and time frame.

Accent RF

Full face                          $220.00
Lower face and neck      $160.00
Forehead                        $140.00
Around eyes                   $140.00


Full face                       $200.00
Neck                            $150.00
Decolletage                 $200.00
Back of hands             $80.00


Full face           $600.00
Neck                $300.00
Decolletage     $400.00


Full face       $130.00

Omnilux Revive

Full face      $70.00

Dermal Infusion

Full face    $150.00


Full face and jowls          $3,750.00
Neck                                $2,675.00
Lower face and jowls      $3,100.00
Upper face                      $1,200.00
Brow                               $900.00