Facial Skincare – Facts and Myths

Facial Rejuvenation in a Bottle 

Our dermal clinicians work with medically advanced facial skincare, where results are a must.
However, they commonly get questions from their patients asking;

  • Why is your product so good?
  • How is it different from something I can pick up over the counter at the chemist or local supermarket?
  • What is Chirally correct?

We’re all looking for that elusive genie in a bottle, a genie, that is going miraculously appear and solve all our facial skincare and aging woes.
But, unfortunately, this does not seem to be a common reality.
If you’re like most women, your bathroom shelves will pay tribute to the trial and error process to find that ‘perfect’  facial skin regime.
We purchase products that the lovely shop assistant with flawless skin (most probably genetic) recommends.
If we use this facial cream, or that serum it will miraculously strip the past 10 years from our face and resemble her dewy porcelain complexion!

It’s not only the genie we’ve all been missing. It’s that we don’t have a basic knowledge of how good facial skincare works. Or what things we should be looking out for in a skincare regime. It really isn’t necessary to have bathroom drawers full of products; all it takes is a few simple changes to the types of products we buy and what to look for, which can go a long way for our skin and our importantly our purse strings.

Seek Advice

Most importantly find a skincare regime that is tailored to your skins specific needs. Too often we see women self-diagnosing problems and buying products that are just not necessary or create more troublesome skin. Seek advice from a professional Dermal Clinician or Doctor who is able to assess your skin and pinpoint concerns and treat you accordingly.

Choose Chirally Correct Products

Never heard of Chirally Correct? Don’t worry its a relatively new term but one to look out for in your next skincare purchase. We often buy skincare that smells amazing, makes our skin feel like silky when it’s applied and feels hydrated to touch, but these products are only touching the surface of your skin (mostly dead skin cells). We need our products to reach deep beneath the dermis to create change. Now, this is where Chirally Correct comes in… In chemistry, Chirally is usually a term which refers to molecules. A molecule becomes Chirally correct when the molecules are purified in production to rid the negative aspects of it and save only all the essential goodies our skin needs. The body recognises the corrected molecule and opens its channels allowing penetration of the product deep into the skin without any reaction. Because the molecule has been purified it is smaller whereas over the counter products contain molecules that are too large making it difficult to be absorbed and no changes deep down can actually occur. There’s nothing fighting the aging process or nurturing the cells within. Common Chirally correct skincare products are Vitamin A and Vitamin C to name a few.


This is a big one, and as the skin ages, it is going to need a lot more hydration. Too much or too little hydration can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin and how it ages. Having a chat with a professional is key to finding the right level of hydration for your age, lifestyle and skin type. Also, drink plenty of water!

Vitamin A

If you’re not already using a product that includes an active Vitamin A then you’re missing out one of the most beneficial products for your skin. This product can’t usually be purchased over the counter and should be prescribed by a Dermal Clinician or Doctor often due to the potency of its Vitamin A content. Vitamin A will increase cell turnover which in turn aids in lifting deep sun damage, hydrates the skin, and helps refine pesky fine lines. your skin’s quality will become more refined and rejuvenated. Definitely, a product that every woman should be introduced to,

Vitamin C

Vitamin C and Vitamin A together represent the power couple of skincare.
In a nutshell Vitamin C = COLLAGEN PRODUCTION.
Without collagen, you don’t have a firm skin. Introducing Vitamin C will also work to fade pigment.


Wear them! Everyday.

If you require further assistance or advice regarding facial skincare products, go to our Aesthetica facial skincare pages or email our experienced dermal clinicians for a complimentary consultation today, or call on 03 9824 6134.