Hair Treatments Melbourne

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Hair Treatments options at Aesthetica

Laser Hair Removal with GentleLASE

Laser Hair Removal is performed using our clinically proven GentleLASE.
This Laser that sets the standard in hair removal because it is a dedicated professional laser device designed for safe, effective and relatively pain free hair removal. We have been providing Candela GentleLASE hair removal treatments for over 10 years.

Hair Transplant - Hair Loss Treatment

Aesthetica has been performing hair transplant procedures over 20 years. Our techniques offer you the most natural and permanent hair loss treatments available today. Regrowth in bald areas is facilitated with the transplant of your own healthy hair follicles.

Eyebrow Transplant - Eyebrow Reshaping

Eyebrow transplant Melbourne is also known as eyebrow reshaping, eyebrow hair transplant.

An eyebrow transplant is a simple, yet sophisticated procedure, that requires extensive experience and exceptional artistic ability. The correct selection of your donor hair follicles will retain their hair-growing qualities giving lasting new eyebrows.