Hymenoplasty Melbourne

Because you are suffering, embarrassed, and find it necessary to consider a sugical procedure called a hymenoplasty or hymen repair,  our caring Aesthetica surgeons and staff will be there to support you all the way.

Hymen Repair Melbourne

Hymen repair surgery Melbourne, also known as the hymen reconstruction. hymenoplasty, hymen restoration, hymen replacement.

Our Aesthetica Doctors have been performing hymen reconstruction or hymen repair surgery, a very private and deeply personal procedure, for over fifteen years.
Most importantly, we understand your concerns and we will treat your privacy with the utmost respect.


About Hymen Repair Surgery

Most importantly, hymen reconstruction is the surgical procedure that will give you peace of mind by repairing your hymen. However, it will break naturally with intercourse or exercise, sport, or activities like horse riding or jet skiing.
Dr Ashley leads our team of surgeons and support staff. He has over 15 years of experience in hymen repair surgery.

Furthermore, our patient carer, Julie Plumley is an integral part of our team supporting you with the profession’s best pre and post-operative care plan.
Above all, if you just need to speak to someone, Julie is always more than happy to do so. You can call Julie on 98246134
She has been supporting our patients for over 15 years and will work with you and offer you as much support as necessary.
Julie understands that you may be considering this for religious and cultural reasons.

Due to the sensitive nature of this surgical procedure, we like to offer you as much support and information regarding our philosophy and approach to repair and your care.
We understand that you may have not even spoken to anyone about it.

Quite often the surgery is the simplest part of a hymen repair. Your emotional turmoil and decision-making process are where our patients rely heavily on Julie and the Aesthetica team, to help them through.

Aesthetica – Hymen Repair Surgery

The Hymen Repair Procedure

Hymen reconstruction, hymenoplasty surgical procedure

Our surgical hymen repair procedures are done as a day procedure and take about an hour.
Procedures are usually performed with a local anaesthetic. However, if you require sedation, this can also be arranged.Once a hymenoplasty has been completed and healed, the act of sexual intercourse could result, in pain and bleeding when the hymen is torn or stretched.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Questions Should I Ask?

Questions about hymen repair you should not be afraid to ask:

  • How long has the surgeon been performing hymenoplasty surgery for?
  • How often do they perform hymen repairs weekly/monthly?
  • Will the result be permanent?
  • Will I bleed?
  • What support will I receive after my hymen repair?
  • If I am unhappy with the result, who will pay for a revision?

Most importantly, the surgeon, the staff and the practice offer you a comfortable private environment.

Hymen Repair Costs

All consultations are free, so you can get to know us and understand more about the hymenoplasty surgical procedure.
A personal consultation with an experienced Surgeon is important when you are ready to explore your options.

The price of hymen repair procedures – are inclusive. Please send an email or call or text Julie on 0419886619 for the price.
Most importantly, there are no hidden costs. Hence, our fee covers all your surgical costs, medication and all your recovery and aftercare.
All your consultations, before and after your procedure are included.
If you prefer a general anaesthetic, as a result, there will be additional anaesthetist and theatre fees.


The surgical hymen repair itself is pain-free.
However, there may be some discomfort or minor pain for a day or so after your procedure. Bed rest for a day is recommended.
There may be a little bleeding, which will be slight, for approximately 6 hours.
Our Surgeons and Nurses will monitor your recovery through a number of post-operative check-ups and phone calls.
They are available at any time to address your concerns.
Following your hymen repair recovery, including resting and aftercare, means you can usually return to work after 1 day.
Strenuous exercise should be avoided.

Hymen Repair Risks?

As with all surgerical procedures, hymenoplasty risks and complications are possible. However, extremely rare.
We will discuss these in full with you during your consultation.

Infection: most unlikely.
Excess bleeding: very rare.

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It is important to understand that any surgical, medical procedure or proven non-surgical treatment carries risks.
Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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