Labiaplasty – labia reduction

With over 20 years of experience in women’s health procedures, Aesthetica in Melbourne is dedicated to helping you achieve a unique and personalised labiaplasty experience.
Our skilled plastic surgeon specialises in gynae rejuvenation to enhance both comfort and confidence in your

  • labia minora,
  • labia majora,
  • clitoral hood debulking

Our team, led by an experienced and empathetic Plastic Surgeon, with many years of experience. We like to stay at the forefront of innovation by regularly refining techniques through training under the guidance of renowned experts like Dr. Red Alinsod in the United States. Labioplasty is a surgical procedure and we will work with you to ensure you receive the latest techniques for a pleasing, natural-looking result.

At Aesthetica, we understand the importance of maintaining your privacy. All our labia reduction procedures are performed with the utmost care and discretion in a registered day hospital. You also have the option to attending a private hospital as well..
Our goal is to provide you with results that improve your personal appearance while ensuring that no one will know you’ve had the procedure done.

Your labiaplasty experience

Everyone has their unique reason for considering labia reduction, and we respect that reason, especially if it involves labia reduction and clitoral hood debulking.

Whether it’s discomfort in clothes, during exercise, or intimate relationships, we understand and aim to provide solutions tailored to your needs, including labia reduction if that aligns with your goals.

Further information on your potential recovery.
however, you must remember everyone recovers differently.

It is up to you how you start your labia reduction journey, or not.

We are happy to answer any questions before coming in for a consultation.

It is best to meet your Doctor initially.

They will –

  • listen to your concerns,
  • discuss your options
  • work with you to ensure it is a procedure that will address your concerns
  • discuss potential risks and complications
  • discuss before and aftercare
  • show you before and after photos,
  • and provide transparent information about the labiaplasty procedure cost.

If you find that a bit daunting you are most welcome to arrange a complimentary meeting with our patient advisor. She will get to know you, provide information on the procedure options and your care, and answer your questions as best she can. You will not be examined.

options to consider

labia minora reduction

One side or both
The reduction of the labia minora aims to improve the aesthetic appearance by reducing excess, floppy, or uneven skin.

clitoral hood debulking

Debulking the clitoral hood can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a labia reduction procedure. It is a precise technique that focuses on the excess skin around the clitoris without affecting its functionality. Our advanced techniques prioritize your safety and ensure that no harm comes to your clitoris or its nerves.

labia majora reduction

We offer refinement techniques for labia majora reduction, such as

  • surgically
  • fractionated resurfacing
  • nonsurgical radio frequency
  • or in combination

Your options will discussed in detail during your consultation.

your labiaplasty procedure

We prefer to perform labia reduction procedures as a surgical day procedure using sedation or light anesthesia.
It can be done without any sedation, however, as the procedure takes about an hour we like you to be relaxed and comfortable during that time.
We will discuss options with you.

Our top priority is ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

labiaplasty before and after photos

Due to the nature of these photographs, we prefer to email our before and after photos to you rather than have them on our page.

We receive many requests for Labiaplasty before and after photos, so please email us.

you are not alone

According to an American Plastic Surgery survey, approximately 39% of women have excessive labia and less than 15% of these women consider doing something about it!

Your concerns could 

  • an adolescence problem
  • because of childbirth
  •  resulting from the natural ageing process of your body
  •  caused by trauma resulting in labia enlargement, unevenness, or traumatic tears that affect the size or appearance of the labia.
  • the size of your labia can affect your everyday life – exercising, comfort in clothing
  • YOU- feeling uncomfortable in your own skin

We are also happy to talk to you and guide you through options.
From doing nothing to seeking professional help to performing your procedure.
We want you to be happy.

Aesthetica Image Centre is honoured to provide personalised care to address your concerns and help you achieve the look that reflects how you feel.

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Undergoing any surgery can be a daunting experience. But when it is elective selecting the right surgeon to perform your procedure is crucial to ensure the best possible outcome. While it may seem logical to assume that any surgeon is qualified to perform any type of surgery, the reality is that not all surgeons have the same level of experience.

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It is important to understand that any surgical, medical procedure or proven non-surgical treatment carries risks.
Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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