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We are Melbourne’s leading specialists in women’s health procedures, especially labiaplasty. We invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation. 

With over 20 years experience Aesthetica is known for offering excellence in delivering safe, high quality labia reduction surgery.

Labiaplasty, or ‘labia reduction’, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in  Australia for women.
It is common for women to have concerns about the size, shape or definition of their labia, the inner and outer folds that sit either side of the vagina. This may be the result of genetics, ageing, or following childbirth.
Labiaplasty is a quick and straightforward surgical procedure to reshape and resize the labia.

Experienced Doctors

Lead by Dr Ashley, our experienced cosmetic surgeons have over 25 years experience.
They are at the forefront of labia reduction and vaginal rejuvenation. By attending regular conferences and training they are continually improving their techniques. Presently, we are performing 3 procedures per week.

Labiaplasty procedure

Unlike many of our competitors, we use the latest anaesthetic technologies and techniques to minimise your downtime, and allow you to return home on the day of your procedure. Your labiaplasty can either be performed using local anaesthetic or if you prefer a general anaesthetic.


Our nursing team provide 24/7 dedicated on-call service during your recovery.
The Aesthetica Surgical Aftercare programme has been developed to optimise patient well-being, recovery and scar management after surgery.
My Labiaplasty Recovery – a patient’s diary.

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