Labiaplasty, my personal journey at Aesthetica 

We sincerely thank one of our patients (she would like her name suppressed) for taking the time to share her personal journey in researching and finally having a labiaplasty.
She thought would be a valuable tool for others considering labia reduction as it is not generally talked about! We really appreciate it.

Making the decision for a Labiaplasty

This is my personal journey on something I have been thinking about for the last 5 years. I called Aesthetica after a search online regarding a labiaplasty.

After three months, which included, an initial appointment, a second assessment and various phone calls/emails I decided to go ahead and book the labiaplasty procedure. I told my sister and three close friends that I am going to have the procedure. After those chats, I feel very supported and ready for my procedure. I know most people do not tell anyone.

Day of my Labiaplasty

Well, this is it, going through my with the personal journey! I have my bags packed as I am taking 4 days off work and going away to a beach destination 1 hour away from home to rest. I have my comfy clothes on and my sister and I drive to Aesthetica. After a short wait, the lovely Julie calls me and the apply numbing cream is applied.
They take me through my medicine ‘show bag’. I am most excited about the cookies that I also get in my pack! After waiting 30 mins for the cream to work, it is washed off and it is time for the surgery.
I lie in the stirrups and Dr. Ashley numbs the area with the anaesthetic injections on each side of the labia. This part is a bit painful but bearable, remember to hold still and remain calm as it does not last long. It is the worst part so once this is over, it is a breeze. I am given an iPad to browse through to keep me distracted.
After a short while, the laser is done and Dr. Ashley is stitching up the area. The nurse and I make a joke about the stitching being like doing ‘a tapestry’.
The feeling during the surgery is strange. I was assuming I will be in pain but I feel almost nothing at all. I am surprised by how quickly the procedure is over. (It took just over an hour!)
I am given my ice pack to apply to the area hugged in place by my underwear and a pair of tight spandex shorts. I wear baggy track pants over the top to hide my ice pack ‘bulge’.
It is time to head downstairs and book in my follow up appointments.

It’s done!

We then get in the car and head to our beach house rental destination. The drive is totally fine as I feel nothing at all. Mostly numbness. When we arrive, the first thing I do is make the ice packs with water and put them in the freezer. I go to the bathroom after that.
My vagina looks very different as I can hardly see any of my labia. Another difference is the direction of my urine, it goes all the way towards my bottom, I will need to learn how to direct my urine as I no longer have hanging labia to direct it downwards!
I reapply Bepanthan, a new piece gauze and the ice pack wrapped in a face washer each time I urinate.
I was told to rest and elevate to the area. So the rest of the day is spent watching movies and lying on the couch.
My amazing sister has offered to be my chef for the whole weekend. This is lovely of her to offer but also essential as I was told less movement means less swelling.
I am completely on top of my medication timing as I am nervous about the pain.
6-7 hours after the procedure I feel my first hint of pain. It is uncomfortable like the feeling of ‘pressure’ in the area. It is bearable but uncomfortable for sure!
I take my stronger pain relief and go to bed.
Julie kindly texts me to check up on me. I tell her I am on top of my meds, slightly uncomfortable but doing well.

The day after

I sleep all the way through and wake up feeling well. I take my pain medication straight away. There is very slight swelling. There is soreness in the area when I sit down to urinate, but it is bearable. Today we rest at home again. I am constantly going to urinate as I am drinking lots of water.
The process of reapplying Bepanthan, gauze, and ice is tedious but I am doing it as I need to be straight back to work on Tuesday.
I spend the day watching movies. Always lying down or sitting with straight legs to eat or do computer work. I did not leave the house for the whole day. It is slightly boring but I am sure there are worse things.
Julie texts me again to check up on me. I tell her I am slightly uncomfortable but resting and in good spirits. My sleep is only interrupted to urinate. I reapply a new ice pack, pop some more pain medication and can sleep easily.

Day 3

Today I wake up feeling ok. A bit uncomfortable again and slightly grumpy but today we are doing our first outing in the car. Finally!! We go to the local shops for lunch.
I wear loose shorts with my hidden icepack and no one can tell a thing! Sitting at lunch is uncomfortable and I end up sitting on one bottom cheek at a time as I cannot sit forward or on both bottom cheeks at a time. After our food, I want to go straight home as some pain is coming back. This pain is about a 3-4/10.
Today I have my first salt bath. This provides some relief. I then reapply Bepathan, gauze, face washer and ice.
We rest at the house and watch movies for the rest of the evening. I feel squeamish and sorry for myself and I am feeling a bit stir crazy.
Again there are worse things but I need to admit I was grumpy on this day! Another text from Julie and I report that I am well but also quite itchy. She recommends more cream and will let Dr. Ashley know. Sleep is ok. I wake up twice to urinate and swap ice packs.

Day 4

The day we drive home. My sister and I pack up our things. I cannot pick things up off the floor so she helps with those things. She packs the car, what a legend.
With a fresh ice pack on we drive home. I spend the rest of the day at my house doing computer work in bed and getting ready for day 1 of work.
This is the first evening I sleep and I am VERY itchy (from the stitches and healing). It is a strong itch and interrupts my sleep. I attempt a standing salt bath, more Bepanthan and then attempt a broken sleep.

Day 5

This is my first day back at work. For my job, I work in a gym so I am moving and lifting often. I am very careful on this day.
I cannot walk normally and a few people notice it but I just brush it off with ‘I had to have a number of tests done, nothing serious, I am just a bit sore’. They do not ask any further questions.
My walking is different, I need to sit back in a chair and on one cheek,
I am slightly uncomfortable but in good spirits. Another itchy night’s sleep but a better sleep than the night before.

Day 6

This is when things start to improve. I am still itchy at night when I sleep and after I urinate and reapply the cream

Day 7

My first red light treatment at Aesthetica. It is a warm feeling. I do work emails on my phone while I wait for the red light to work its healing magic.

Day 10

My walking has improved and there is less itchiness. This is the first day I attempt a MODIFIED squat and deadlift. As I have done these movements for years I know my limits and attempted more acute versions of these movements. It went very well and was pain-free.

Day 14

Dr Ashley meets me to assess my swelling and take out my stitches. I am recovering very well. The sensation of taking out the stitches is painful due to a strong itching sensation. It is a relief when this is over.
I am now stitch-free and feeling excited! The area is looking great and much more like I imagined.

Day 21

Today was my last red light treatment. and booked in for my final assessment in 3 weeks. So far so good! I am lifting weights and boxing as normal now. Still applying caution during squats and deadlifts of course.

Overall conclusion

I am very happy with my procedure and glad that I took this personal journey.
I am so excited to get into a swimsuit this coming summer and feel so much more comfortable.
You should believe in loving your body fully, however, this is a procedure I have been considering for years.
I would happily recommend the team at Aesthetica for treating me well and following up with me after the procedure to make sure I am doing well.

Tips for your personal journey

– Ice, ice, ice, constantly reapply to keep swelling down – Plan your life around take 2 days of REST and lie down for as long as possible. Thank you!

Everyone’s personal journey is different and we are here to support you too.
If you would like further information on labiaplasty or book a  free consultation with either the doctor or patient advisor, contact Julie, via email, or call her on 03 9824 6134.