Reshape your Body, Liposuction costs

Reshape your body to create a new you

At Aesthetica, our experienced Doctors have been performing procedures to reshape and renew your body with Liposuction for more than 25 years.
We understand your emotional and physical concerns regarding how your shape can affect your well being and the efforts you have put in trying to make it the best you possibly can.
Let us help you gain the information you need to better understand your options before you make any decisions.

While in the research stage you may like to visit our individual treatment pages and other options

Questions about reshaping your body procedure?

We understand that you may have questions about liposuction and other body reshaping procedures.
We can best answer these with a private free consultation at our Armadale clinic.
However, we may also be able to assist with general advice via phone 9824 6134 or email.