Home Roller Treatment Kit
for sensitive skin

Home Roller Treatment Kit

Our Covid protection masks are now a daily fixture in our lives.
While they’re great at protecting us they do come with a side of unhappy skin.
We have created a treatment kit for you to look after your skin.

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Home Roller Treatment Kit for Sensitive Skin

Winter as well as the combined effect of being constantly indoors or having our face covered by a mask can cause our skin to not feel quite itself.
We have put together your at home perfect supplement for your daily and weekly routine.
Your kit includes

  • a home roller for microneedling to help penetrate your serums by 40%. This can be used twice daily.
  • Synergie's latest formulation, Dermiotic.
    It is a lightweight pre-serum elixir that boosts the skin’s resistance to physical and chemical aggressors by tackling the underlying causes of acne, ageing, sun damage and sensitivity, rather than merely masking them.

    Dermiotic is suitable for all skin types, it assists in relieving symptoms of skin stress, such as dullness, irritation and redness.

    Your Kit includes:
    Full size Synergie Dermiotic Serum 30ml - RRP $70
    1 X Synergie Rejuverderm Home Roller - RRP $99
    2 X 3ml sample Synergie Superserum
    2 X 3ml sample Synergie Reclaim
    Full instructions 


Additional Information

Seek instructions from your Dermal Therapist before using a new product.

For first-time users without reactive skin:
Always apply SupremaC+ sparingly and monitor tolerance over 7 days, avoiding contact with the eyes and paying particular attention to sensitivity around the mouth.
For first-time users with reactive skin: Trial a small amount of SupremaC+ next to the mouth for several days prior to full application.


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