Skin Brightening Kit

Skin Brightening Kit is the perfect solution for uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

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Skin Brightening Kit

The perfect solution for uneven skin tone and pigmentation

This introductory Kit contains three essential topical vitamins, a gentle pH balanced cleanser, a skin brightening peptide serum and a daily broad-spectrum UV protective moisturiser.

UltraCleanse– cleansing gel concentrate (30ml)
EnLighten – skin brightening serum (10ml)
SupremaC+ – essential vitamin C serum (10ml)
Ultimate A – essential vitamin A serum (10ml)
Vitamin B– essential niacinamide serum (10ml)
ÜberZinc – moisturiser with 21% zinc oxide (10ml)

Additional Information

Seek instructions from your Dermal Therapist before using a new product.

For first-time users without reactive skin:
Always apply SupremaC+ sparingly and monitor tolerance over 7 days, avoiding contact with the eyes and paying particular attention to sensitivity around the mouth.
For first-time users with reactive skin: Trial a small amount of SupremaC+ next to the mouth for several days prior to full application.


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