Spray Tan / Sunless tanning

We use only the best, SOL sunless spray tan products. They deliver lasting and natural-looking results; developed by Fantasy Tan Australia, SOL Tan was voted the “Best fake tan ever!” by Harpers Bazaar magazine.

No of  treatments required  1
The frequency for continuous tan weekly
Recovery time   no downtime
Cost $40.00 per session package of 3 – $90
Results great even natural tan
Continuing treatment  good skincare
Treatment options or considerationcreams

Looking for a perfect golden spray tan that looks sensational on any skin type?

Aesthetica Spray Tans are available in two different shades…

* A Medium tan for all skin types: This is not too dark, not too light, a gorgeous golden tan that looks sensational on any skin type.
* A dark tan for all skin types: Sleek and sexy, this deep burnished bronze tan is for lovers of a dark & dramatic tan.
Our spray tans have blended coconut and vanilla to subtly scent your skin while packing it full of Vitamin E an
d Aloe Vera to help protect and moisturize your skin, whilst maintaining subtleness.
The natural antioxidants and other active ingredients in the tan enable the product to disperse evenly, with the end result being superior development of a sensational tan. Plus, when it’s time to come off, it’s easy to remove so you won’t be left in patches.

Preparing for a Spray Tan

The night before you come in for your tan, exfoliate and moisturize (vitamin E, aloe vera, bio-oil or a good hydrating moisturizer is ideal), don’t wear any product on the day and wash your hair the night before if you can too. When you come in for your spray tan wear loose clothing and hold off showering until 12 hours after your spray tan, or preferably wait until the next day.
To prolong your spray tan use a hydrating moisturiser and don’t exfoliate until four days after.

What factors can have adverse effects on the quality of my spray tan?

Sometimes there is no apparent reason you can get a dodgy tan.
The way your spray tan develops is influenced by the pH balance of your skin
which in turn, is influenced by many factors.
Certain foods such as sardines can affect the pH balance of your skin.
The ‘time of the month’ and certain medications (particularly antidepressants) can also have an effect.
Or even creams and serums you use on your body.

Preventing feet and hands from getting darker than the rest of my body.

Experienced tanning consultants understand that your hands and feet can be drier than other parts of your body. Skin, For this reason, they can absorb more tanning solution making them darker. to prevent this a barrier cream should be used

How can I remove fake tan build up?

It is important to exfoliate weekly to keep your tan looking natural and to avoid build-up.
But if it does happen enjoy a relaxing essential oils and baby oil bath. If that is not possible try lemon juice or Spray and wipe!

Why do some fake tans look orange?

Not all tanning solutions are created equal and the quality of your spray tan is determined by several factors:
The quality and blending of the tanning ingredients used. If the tanning solution contains poor quality DHA (a simple sugar derivative and the main ingredient in all fake tans) or the percentage of DHA is too high, the tan will turn orange. Generally, when it comes to spray tanning solutions you get what you pay for. So it’s worth paying a little extra if the quality is what you’re after.
Over-saturation. Another cause of the dreaded orange tan is applying too much tanning solution. Go easy… you can always top up your colour the next day if necessary

For further information on spray tans, please either, call 03 9824 6134 or email us, for a spray tan or inquire about options.