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Like all women, we’re all searching for the perfect skincare range that can solve all our skin woes.
At Aesthetica, we’re no different.
We are constantly trailing new ranges to find what will complement our treatments, our patients and their individual skin concerns.
We are proud to sell and recommend Synergie Skin and Synergie Practitioner skincare ranges.

Synergie Skincare at Aesthetica

Synergie Skincare

Our Aesthetica Dermal Clinicians overlook the hype words and promises, instead deep delving into the formulations, percentages of active ingredients, and delivery systems to discover products that gain real results for our patients.

Synergie Skin is developed and formulated by Terri Vinson, a passionate Cosmetic Chemist who founded the brand 15 years ago in Melbourne.
with her ‘Clean Science’ philosophy. She believes that while there are many ‘natural’ products on the market that may feel gentle and nourishing they more often than not have very little impact on the skin. Even natural ingredients can be harmful to the skin if used incorrectly.

“I’ve always had a passion for the science behind the beauty.”

Synergie Skin’s point of difference is that all ingredients work to harness the most effective aspect of science and nature using clinical data.
What Terri leaves out is just as important as what she includes in her formulations, and the long-term health of your skin is always her priority.

The range is vast and includes something to treat all skin type and concerns.

Synergie Practitioner

In addition to Synergie Skin, Terri Vinson has developed a special Doctor-only range, Synergie Practitioner.
This range is comprised of the ‘specialist seven’.
These seven products are formulated with a higher dosage of Active ingredients and additional potent active ingredients. This range offers patients a step up from the Synergie Skin range and is exclusive to medically affiliated practices only.

Emily and Teagan, our Dermal Clinicians, will guide you through this as not all skin is able to tolerate the higher potency of active ingredients and they could do more harm than good if not prescribed correctly or before your skin is ready.

Synergie Product recommendation

When starting a new product range, it can be overwhelming to know which product to try first which is why we adore the Synergie Skin Kits.
They have developed kits for a number of skin concerns, including

  • Ultimate Anti-Ageing Kit,
  • Anti-Redness Kit,
  • Blemish Kit
  • Skin Brightening Kit.

These kits include generous-size testers of each product which should last 6-8 weeks and are an amazing way to discover what products you love before purchasing a full-size bottle.

We offer free phone or online skincare consultations with our Dermal Clinicians Emily and Teagan.
This way you can get advice on products or try or add Synergie to your skincare without coming in.
This product range cannot be bought online but there are more details on the products on our Synergie Skin products page.
We love Synergie Skincare – we hope will too if you’re looking for a change or something to enhance what you are presently using.

Made in Melbourne

Distributed worldwide

Clean Science

No toxins, or nasties

Chorally Correct

Delivers active ingredients deep into the skin

Cruelty Free

Leaping Rabbit

Synerie skin


Synergie Skin

Why we love Synergie Skin and why we think you will too.

  •  A high percentage of Active Ingredients such a Retinol, Niacinamide and L-Ascorbic Acid
  • Safe, user-friendly and elegant
  • A delivery system – This ensures the potent ingredients get delivered deep into the skin instead of treating only dead skin cells on the surface.
  • A female Scientist behind the brand
  • Developed and made right here in Melbourne – 100% Australian owned
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Clean Science – no nasties.

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