Ultherapy Experience – Pauline’s story

Ultherapy is one of Aesthetica’s most popular treatments. It’s lasting, pleasing results without downtime offers a great rejuvenation treatment for our busy lives. At your initial consultation, your expectations and suitability for Ultherapy will be discussed, along with other options. This way you will be able to make an informed decision.
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Pauline’s Ultherapy Experience

My Ultherapy experience began with me trying to figure out how to slow the ageing process. I wanted to continue to like what I saw in the mirror. The realisation dawned on me only recently.
We get on with our lives, time seems to stand still, the years take forever. Education, career, marriage, children…we learn to deal with it all and manage the process. I live life to the fullest and I was getting a little older.

It just seemed to happen overnight! I had aged but the heart still feels young.
Like many of us, my skin was not looking as healthy and I could see lines and wrinkles that were not there yesterday! Like me, you may also begin to show a double chin which you never had before.
I simply did not look fresh and vibrant any more.

Well, I decided it was time for me, time to invest some time to regain that face in the mirror that had slipped away without me really trying to halt the slow march of time.

I began searching the internet for facelifts because I thought that was what I needed. After a lot of research, I decided I was too young for surgery. Maybe it was back to the anti-wrinkle injections and fillers. But really wanted something else – I was not sure what.

After more nights on the internet, I came across the subject of Facial Rejuvenation.  The more I read, I decided a non-surgical option would be best. So I decided to make an appointment regarding Ultherapy at Aesthetica.
Laura took me through an in-depth Facial Rejuvenation consultation, not just regarding Ultherapy and other treatments they offered but more importantly about me and my expectations and this began my Ultherapy experience.

They talked about my lifestyle, diet, past skincare regimes and what I hoped to achieve.

Aesthetica had been trialling a new system called Ultherapy that they believed was suitable for me, they also talked to me about the benefits of combining different therapies and included a course of facials and LED light therapy to hydrate my skin as it had become a bit dry and lifeless. After looking and studying similar case histories to me, I decided to have an Ultherapy non-surgical facelift to rejuvenate my skin and face.

My Ultherapy Experience Photos

As you can see from the photographs, my ultherapy experience has given me the results I was after and a whole lot more, as the weeks pass my complexion continues to improve, as a result of the collagen regeneration from deep within my own facial structure. My face is a whole lot fresher…it isn’t tight or stretched and my dimples and smile lines have not been filled in.

“My friends keep commenting about how fresh I look and ask what I have had done…and I tell them, it’s not like surgery and you don’t have to be embarrassed about maintaining your face and skin.”

My Ultherapy experience took just over 1 hour, there was some mild pain in certain areas along my jawline. We stopped after completing the first side of my face to compare the results so far. I could already see the lifting effects were taking place compared to the untreated side. The whole process has been a learning experience and certainly I have achieved what I set out to do…
I have invested in me, in my future and I feel good about my Ultherapy experience.

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