Ultherapy Diary

Ultherapy results are individual. A patient shares her Ultherapy diary, including research, expectations and results she achieved with her Aesthetica treatments.
Ultherapy or Ulthera is one of Aesthetica’s most popular nonsurgical treatments for skin tightening and lifting. This makes it the perfect nonsurgical facelift.

Maintaining great skin

Your skin is incredible!
Your skin reflects how you feel.
Feeling good about yourself can help you perform better at work, in relationships, and in other areas of your life. Skipping your skincare and beauty routine can make you feel less confident and self-assured, which can negatively impact your overall well-being.


Have you been using cosmeceuticals for years and are looking for the next step to boost your routine?
Or maybe you’ve got problematic skin you’re trying to fix as quickly as possible.
Or maybe you’re just a skincare junkie and want to try something different.


An exposome is a term used to describe the total amount of internal and external exposures that will factor into the aging process of someone. It is a cumulative form from birth to death.
In a nutshell, it looks at how many times can you be exposed to something before it starts to cause damage. Then what damage continues to occur if no intervention is sought?

Iso skincare

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What is facial rejuvenation

you deserve to look how you feel What is facial rejuvenation Book Consultation Relax Rebalance Rejuvenate Retreat What is Facial rejuvenation? Anti-aging treatments and Facial Rejuvenation is used to increase or restore the appearance of younger age. At Aesthetica,...