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Non-surgical facelift

Ultherapy,  also known as Ulthera, non-surgical facelift, non-invasive facelift, Ultraformer face lifting or HiFU.

We use genuine Ultherapy equipment and protocols. It is the only approved FDA and TGA treatment for skin tightening and lifting in the brow and decolletage.
Ultherapy has many peer-review papers and results. It is one of the most popular non-invasive treatments for your face, neck and decolletage.
It is starting to rival the traditional surgical facelift.

Aesthetica Ultherapy non surgical facelift


If your image in your mirror is not reflective on how you feel on the inside, we may have options.

Ulthera uses targeted ultrasound pulses.
In your 30 – 60 minute treatment, the targetted ultrasound will work on two separate levels.
It will take 2-6 months to see the final results but will not duplicate the results of facelift surgery.

Everyone is suitable for Ultherapy. Men, in particular, love it because it can a single one-off treatment!
It is safe to use on all skin colours.

How does Ultherapy work?

Using ultrasound technology it works from the inside out. Your Aesthetica Ultherapy treatment will be performed using the original and genuine Ulthera. It is manufactured in America and has FDA approval in America and TGA in Australia for skin tightening.
Ultherapy works in two layers.
Firstly targeting the SMAS layer (the layer that lines the muscle, also treated in a facelift). This is the fissure that lines the muscle and is responsible for the movement of the muscle. By introducing heat to this tissue it begins the wound healing process and stimulation.
Then a second pass is where we target the Dermis, this layer is more superficial to the SMAS layer.
All this happens beneath the skin because the surface of the skin remains untouched, so no downtime!

How does Ultherapy differ?

Ultherapy is the only HIFU treatment that uses ultrasound to specifically target the foundation layer of facial tissue.
Lasers can only to superficial layers.
Radio frequency can go deeper than lasers.
The use of ultrasound also enables us to see the layers of skin we are treating. The energy can then be delivered precisely to where it will be most productive.


Is Ultherapy Painful?

Many forums indicate the pain as the biggest hurdle to overcome for your treatment.
However, recent protocol changes make the treatment more comfortable.
At Aesthetica, we understand and will work with you to achieve maximum results with minimum pain. We will introduce enough heat for each patient’s comfort level. Too much heat is of no benefit, but, in fact, can potentially cause complications.

Ultherapy Risks?

As with any surgery or treatment at Aesthetica, all potential risks and complications, will be discussed at your initial consultation.
Ultrasound energy has been in use in medical imaging for over 50 years.
After demonstrating safety in clinical studies, Ultherapy has both Australian TGA approval and American FDA approval.
Tens of thousands of treatments have been performed worldwide without any significant adverse events.
Ultherapy is becoming the most popular non surgical face treatment in the world.
The safety and efficacy of Ultherapy have been established through FDA and TGA approval in Australia. As well as reported clinical studies and over 800,000 treatments performed worldwide.  Ultherapy is approved in over 80 countries.

How long does Ultherapy take?

Your Ulthera treatment can take up 2 hours. However, you are here for two and a half hours just so you feel comfortable and not rushed. Once your treatment is completed you can relax under the Omnilux light to kick start the healing process.

Ultherapy Recovery

After your treatment, your skin may be a little flushed. But this redness should dissipate within a couple of hours.
Some areas may be a little tender or tingling to touch. This settles down within a week or so.

How much does Ultherapy cost?

All consultations are free, so you can get to know us and understand the options available.
We can discuss both surgical and non-surgical options.
A personal consultation with an experienced Surgeon or Dermal clinician is important when you are ready to explore your options.
Your Ultherapy cost is dependent on the areas – are inclusive.
It starts off at $900 for a brow.
It also includes Omnilux light treatments which aid in recovery and healing.

Ultherapy results

Your results will unfold over the course of 2-3 months, with some patients reporting continued improvement for up to 6 months.
Ultrasound therapy does not duplicate the results of surgery. It is an alternative for those who are not yet ready for surgery.
As a standalone treatment, you may see results for 12 – 24 months.
People choosing this option are happy to have an Ulthera every 2 years.

Emily is one of Australia’s most experienced Ultherapy technicians says,
I believe in order to achieve a lasting result, you need to treat the skin at different levels.”
*  the surface
*  the superficial
*  the foundation
An Ultherapy is often the foundation and cornerstone face treatment.
Most of all, your tailored maintenance treatments every 3 -6 months will enhance the results.
* Accent RF,
* Omnilux Revive,
* Dermal infusions from the Osmosis MD range may be suggested.
I recommend using home care Serums and creams from the Synergie Skin range including Vitamin C serums.

Emily Crimmins Dermal Clinician

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The latest

Brow Ultherapy

The latest effective treatment to replace anti-wrinkle injections
Brow Ultherapy is becoming increasingly popular as a lasting alternative to wrinkle relaxing injections, especially for your brow.
While anti-wrinkle injections are still a popular method of relaxing those fine lines and wrinkles for a short period of time, many are opting for a Brow Ultherapy.
Brow Ultherapy is a non-surgical brow lift. It is one-off treatment using targeted ultrasound to tighten your skin and rebuild collagen. There is no downtime so you are able to return to work or exercise without delay.
The pleasing result you will achieve is a tighter brow giving you a brow lift, as well, softening the appearance of those pesky ageing fine lines by rebuilding and rejuvenating your own collagen and elastin from within.
It slows down the ageing process.
We recommend you have a treatment every 18-24 months.
Brow Ultherapy consultation
We offer a complimentary consultation to ensure you are the correct candidate for this treatment.
The cost for a Brow Ultherapy is $900.00

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It is important to understand that any surgical, medical procedure or proven non-surgical treatment carries risks.
Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.