Aesthetica Cellulite Treatment

Our proven ACT NOW non surgical cellulite  treatment program achieves lasting results.
We have treated cellulite successfully for over 15 years.
Your complimentary consultation will include a detailed history and detailed discussion regarding your goals and aspirations.


8 Fortnightly Combination Cellulite Treatment Program for one area  $2,200.00   $2,780.00 

Single Accent RF Cellulite treatments available.

From $198.00 usually $220.00 per treatment session.

Your treatment plan

Our ACT NOW fortnightly plan will focus on one area.  Multiple areas can be treated.
Cellulite on the lower part of your body includes your buttocks, hips and thighs.
Your treatments are tailored to your concerns.
Combination treatments can include :

  • Targetted cellulite treatments using radio frerquency using Unipolar and Bipolar treatments
  • Pixel fractional treatments
  • BodyFlow to increase your metabolism
  • Fitness. Ideas and inspiration to maintain healthy skin
  • Nutrition. Ideas and information on healthy eating

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