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Teenage Acne

 Acne Treatments for Teenagers

Teenage acne treatments can be so varied. It can become very confusing to understand the options and what is best for your condition. At Aesthetica our teenage acne treatment program works with both the cause and the visible signs.

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What is happening

When puberty begins for young boys and girls an influx of hormones surge through the body.
As the body tries to create a healthy balance of hormones any overproduced hormones are expelled by the body and pushed out through the pores of the skin causing pimples.
Testosterone is the main hormone which is expelled by the body during this time which typically causes pimples to form on the lower face, jawline, chest, arms and back.

As hormonal imbalances are normal, during this stage of development, it can be difficult to control the surge of hormonal breakouts.
To avoid exacerbating the condition, it can be helpful –

  • to reduce sugar intake,
  • avoid meats with added hormones,
  • drink plenty of water
  • avoid excessive dairy consumption

Hormonal teenage acne treatments

Our teenage acne treatment protocol is tailored for each person. It does not include prescription drugs. Although depending on your health occasionally medication may be required to stabilize your body.
It is not a quick fix but regular treatments to stabilize your skin and then maintenance are recommended for great lasting results.

Your treatments

At Aesthetica our teenage acne treatments are bespoke for your individual skin needs.
Your Dermal Clinician will work with you and your skin to tailor a treatment plan for your skin. She will assess your skin prior to every treatment and perform what is best for you.
When working with hormonal acne skin, typically the aim of your treatments will be to:

  • Cleanse the skin of impurities
  • Gently remove dead skin cells which can lead to dry skin and blackhead formation
  • Extract and heal pimples and blackheads
  • Draw out deep impurities under the skin
  • Heal damaged skin
  • Prevent and remove scar formation
  • Stabilise oil production

Your teenage acne treatments could include

Teenage Acne Treatment Homecare


We recommend a cleanser that is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), alcohol, and paraben-free.
If you do not wear makeup,  you only need to cleanse your skin for one minute in the shower.
If you wear makeup, we recommend doubling cleansing the skin in the shower.
The first cleanse is to remove makeup and the second is to cleanse the skin.
Oil build-up, dirt and contaminants trapped in the skin will be removed during the second cleanse.

Our top pick for a cleanser is Deep Clean by Osmosis. The coconut surfactant in this cleanser gently cleanses the skin while encouraging the skin to gently detox itself and remove deep impurities found in the pores.

Spot treatment

In most cases, the surrounding skin from the acne lesion is very healthy so we want to keep that skin healthy. To heal the active lesions presenting we recommend using Clarify spot treatment by Osmosis.
Clarify helps normalise oil production, calm inflammation, shrink pores, and clear acne lesions.


Keeping acne skin hydrated can be a challenge.
If your skin is oily, it typically means the skin is dry. The skin produces oil produced to try to hydrate itself.
However, if you overhydrate the skin this can also be a problem. It can cause an overproduction of oil and milia can form under the skin. We have found the best product to create balance in the skin is to use an Osmosis hydration mist called Clear Plus. 1-3 sprays on the face morning and night are all teenage skin needs to keep it beautiful and healthy.

Oily skin

If the skin is excessively oily and has not subsided after a month of using the three products above an epidermal repair serum is recommended at this time. Osmosis Rescue is typically used for 30 days and the key ingredient trioxilane removes toxin build-up, reduces pore size, normalises oil production, and substantially heals damaged skin.


All that is required is a light CC cream and concealer. Mineral-based Osmosis CC cream is a lightweight, hydrating formulation. It will not only help heal the skin but also give you a healthy youthful glow.

We encourage you to book your personalised complimentary consultation. This will give you all the answers to help address your individual skin needs. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members via email or call 98246134 to begin your teenage acne treatment journey today.


Over the counter acne treatments

As well know, being a teenager is the beginning of the best years of your life and you want to look your best so you will try your own teenage acne treatments first.
You may try various acne treatments from the supermarket or pharmacy because you have seen an ad and purchased what maybe not right for your skin and your condition.
These over the counter products can exacerbate your acne because the ingredients may contain alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, a bleaching agent or strong retinoid-based products. These ingredients in your teenage acne treatment can cause the skin to dry out. This inhibits the skin’s ability to heal itself.
Yes, these products may get rid of the pimple presenting at the time but in most cases, the trade-off is scarring which can be permanent.

Make up and Acne

Another common mistake is that teenage girls, understandably, make the mistake of camouflaging acne outbreaks with thick foundations. If the skin is not cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day, the foundation will clog the pores and the body will sense there is a molecule trapped in the skin. It shouldn’t be there, thus, creating further pimples.
This phenomenon is referred to as acne cosmetica.
However, if the skin is over cleansed to remove makeup or “excess” oil the can dry the skin out. This leaves to an overproduction of oil and the skin becoming more prone to scarring.

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Aesthetica Teenage Acne Treatments

We are fortunate to have experienced Dermal clinicians who can work with you and your budget for a bespoke treatment plan.
We also have experienced Doctors who understand skin and can with yu as well.

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