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Male cosmetic surgery

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Male Cosmetic Surgery

Experience Personalized Care at Aesthetica

At Aesthetica Image Centre in Armadale, Melbourne, we are dedicated to providing exceptional male cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical options tailored to your needs.
Our team specializes in addressing your concerns, planning treatments, and ensuring that we meet your time frame and expectations

Listening to your concerns.

Providing options to address your concerns.

Planning treatments.

 Ensuring that we meet your time frame and expectations


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Double Chin

Discover Popular Options for a More Defined Jawline

Double Chin Treatments have become increasingly popular among men seeking cosmetic enhancements. At Aesthetica, we offer a range of effective solutions, including:

Ultherapy: Harnessing the power of ultrasound technology to lift and tighten the skin, providing a more defined jawline.

Non-surgical Radiofrequency: Utilizing advanced radiofrequency techniques to reduce fat and tighten the skin in the chin area.

Liposuction: This is one of the most popular male cosmetic surgery options.
It is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat to sculpt and refine the contours of the chin and neck.

With the rise of remote work and increased screen time, our chins often take centre-stage in our appearance.


Rejuvenate Your Eyes and Reveal a More Youthful Look

Your eyes reveal a lot about you, and if you feel that your eyelids are weighing you down or making you look tired, our Aesthetica surgeons may recommend blepharoplasty.
This popular male cosmetic surgery procedure can address concerns such as heavy upper eyelids or saggy, puffy lower eyelids, giving you a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.


Restore Confidence with Male Breast Reduction

If you feel self-conscious about wearing tight shirts or are uncomfortable with the shape of your chest, our experienced Aesthetica surgeons can help.
Gynecomastia treatment, a popular male cosmetic surgery procedure, offers a solution to address excess breast tissue and restore a more masculine chest contour.


Fat Reduction

Achieve Your Desired Body Shape with Innovative Techniques

At Aesthetica, our Dermal Clinicians and cosmetic practitioners offer a variety of options for fat reduction and body contouring. Whether you have stubborn fatty pockets or simply want to define your shape, we have the expertise to guide you.
Our non-surgical liposuction, also known as Zero Fat sculpting, utilizes advanced Accent Radio Frequency equipment from Alma Lasers, providing effective fat reduction, skin tightening, and lifting results.


Reshape Your Body and Boost Your Confidence

For over 25 years, our experienced doctors at Aesthetica have been performing liposuction procedures to help individuals reshape and renew their bodies.
We understand the emotional and physical concerns associated with body shape, and we are here to support you in making informed decisions. Let us provide you with the necessary information and guidance to help you achieve the best possible results with our specialsed male cosmetic surgery options.


Hydrate your Skin

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