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Aesthetica Facial Therapy – for all skin types and ages
Aesthetica has developed a new course of facial rejuvenation treatments called Aesthetica Facial Therapy.  It can be tailored for all skin types.
The main ingredients for this new treatment are Osmosis MD powders.
There are 15 different powders and used in combination will create a treatment that is designed to target and treat your concerns.
The Aesthetica Facial Therapy will focus on both the epidermis (surface area) and dermal layers (deep layers) of the skin. While this treatment is still very relaxing, it is also extremely beneficial and its ability to achieve a result targeting deep in the skin to create change. is ideal for your secret to great skin.
Aesthetica Facial Therapy focuses on removing and repairing damage to the epidermis, which is crucial in creating a healthy dermal layer.
This is done by using a combination of active ingredients found naturally in plant extracts and acids which help to break up and loosen dead skin cells, allowing for better absorption of skin nutrition.
The vitamin blends are custom made in an Aesthetica Facial Therapy help to stimulate circulation. This is important as without circulation the skin becomes stagnant resulting in a dull, tired complexion.
All the skins food, immune support, antioxidant and remodelling efforts all come from the blood supply.
Once the skin has a better supply of blood flow, we can then replenish the skin topically with nutrients that repair and protect the skin.
The Aesthetica Facial Therapy focuses on remodelling and stimulating collagen and elastin production and increasing growth factors that correct the damage.
Your skin will have visible improvements in tone, texture, complexion, and a thickening of the dermal layer after a course of treatments.
The main ingredients
The main ingredients in an Aesthetica Facial Therapy are
L-Mandelic Acid: serves as a gentle, but effective, antibacterial providing lightening properties at the same time.
Niacinamide: will benefit every aspect of your skin by increasing its food supply which determines how responsive and healthy it can be. Deliver antioxidants and growth factors to areas in need while providing antibacterial properties at the same time.
1,3 Beta Glucan: stimulates regrowth in the cells, helping to renew and remodel the skin and remove toxins and bacteria to encourage wound healing
Retinaldehyde: Proven to be 1000 times stronger than Retin-A, Retinaldehyde penetrates deeper into the skin, creates an equal amount of collagen and elastin without being irritating or damaging and provides antibacterial properties.
Willow Herb: provides potent calming agents that significantly reduce inflammation in the skin.
Aesthetica Facial Therapy
Some of the more popular combinations are
Repair: Acne, Congested, Hormonal breakout, Oily and in particular adult acne
Aesthetica Facial therapy for repairing the skin will improve skin texture, reduce blemishes, reduce excess oil, hydrate the skin. It will bring lasting vitality back to a dull and rough complexion.
Repair Sensitive –  Rosacea skin, Visible Capillaries, Psoriasis, Eczema
This Aesthetica Facial therapy is an infusion for sensitive and delicate skin. It uses natural ingredients such as willowherb and Retinaldahye blended with nutrients and amino acids.  It will repair, restore and rebuild the skins epidermal barrier to a more soothed, hydrated complexion.
Remodel and Replenish – Aging, Dehydrated, Dull skin
Aesthetica Facial therapy for remodelling and replenishing delivers nutrients in the skin, including lipids (skin oils), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, growth factors and immune cells. Relax whilst we use active ingredients to dramatically improve your skin’s health, quality, texture and tone.
DNA Repair – Aging, Pigmented, Melasma, Scar tissue
Aesthetica Facial Therapy stimulates the repair of DNA and produces an abundance of youthful cells. Our repair treatment targets deep where scar tissue and trauma have occurred. It removes the cells that produce redness, discolouration, coarse skin and aged skin. Resulting in a more clear clarified complexion. When we target this damage we remove skin discolourations and dramatically slow the aging process.
The price for an Aesthetica Facial Therapy starts at $150 and the treatment time is 45 minutes.
If you require further information or would like to to have a consultation for an Aesthetica Facial Therapy, please call 9824 6134 or email us.






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