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Having a labiaplasty is a hard decision to make. Most of our patients do not share their concerns or thoughts with many.
We like to be with you during your journey. Just to make sure you are comfortable and have support.

We would like to sincerely thank one of our patients to share their labiaplasty experience with you.

You must also be aware that even though these are actual accounts, in the words of their own journey, everyone’s journey is different and results will vary from person to person.

Jess’ diary

My Consultation and the beginning of my labiaplasty experience
When I first walked into Aesthetica I immediately felt comfortable.
My consultation began by just speaking about general things and getting to know each other and what the procedure entails.
I was so nervous, but Dr Dash had lots of patience and answered all my questions. I then had the pleasure of meeting Julie. Julie also answered questions and explained she would be my go-to lady post-procedure.
I was able to call her any time of the day to ask questions or just to tell her how I was feeling. After this consultation, I knew I wanted to go through with my procedure at Aesthetica.

Procedure day

The big day, I’m super excited a little nervous but very ready. As I enter the clinic greeted by smiling faces and Julie takes me and prepares me for my procedure.
Let me tell you, I didn’t feel a thing throughout the procedure.
While Dr Dash administered the anaesthetic injection the nurse held my hand, I did feel a tiny pinch but it was definitely bearable, then Dr Dash proceeded to work his magic.
I was able to be on my phone but the nurse had great music playing so I just listened to that with her as she told me about what should happen post-procedure.
In no time, I knew it, my labiaplasty was done,
Leaving the clinic, I was able to walk out as everything down there was still numb, I was able to sit comfortably in the car without any discomfort.

Day 1

My procedure was 7pm so I went straight home, took my medication, and slept.
I set an alarm for during the night to take more medication and made sure that my medication, drink, and food were ready. I made the mistake of standing up and taking my medication whereas I should have sat up in bed to take it.
When I stood up I just felt a little pain and a lot of pressure down there. I was advised to sleep on my side with a pillow in-between my legs, this is a lifesaver!!
Once the medication kicked in again I was able to sleep the rest of the night

I have gotten through the first night. I just stayed in bed the next day with my mum and my partner getting me my medication and ice packs so I didn’t have to move much.
I only got up to go to the toilet.
Going to the toilet is funky, as there is a bit of swelling you never know what way the flow is going to go. At the toilet, I just patted softly and reapplied cream and was good to go (back to bed). I found putting the icepack in an ankle sock worked well instead of wrapped in a face washer but that’s a personal choice.

Day 2

Once I had gotten through the first day, I knew that the worse of it was over, I was able to adapt to make myself and start feeling a lot more comfortable.
I got gloves from the chemist and applied the cream every time I went to the toilet. Having an ice pack applied to the area made me feel secure.
When I walked, I waddled with my legs a bit wider, I think that’s because of the icepack between my legs.
Today I feel better than I did yesterday, I am still keeping up regular medication. Each time I went to the toilet I ensured I had little packs of gloves, cream, new gauze, and a fresh icepack ready. This worked really well.
I am feeling a ‘heavy’ feeling and somewhat pressure, I am sure this is due to the swelling, once I take my pain medication I feel great.

Each time I stand up there is a little bit of blood but each time I stand up as I begin to heal the blood slowly decreases.
I spent all day relaxing in bed and catching up on Netflix series which is not a bad way at all to spend a couple of days. The weeks before my labiaplasty I made sure not to watch anything as I knew I would have plenty of time on my hands.

Day 3

Today I can have a salt bath woohoooo! This was so relaxing and was nice doing a somewhat normal activity.
So far Julie has checked up on me every day just to see how I have been going so it was nice to talk to someone in heavy detail about what is going on down there and how it is looking.

Today I am walking a bit more to get my own meds, and ice, and moving around the house to sit/lay in other places.
Sitting down on chairs is still not comfortable so the couch and bed are my best friend. Moving around is a bit difficult but I am feeling such an improvement each day.

Day 5

I feel great today I am sleeping very well and am having regular salt baths. I have now moved on to using Bepanthen and I slather it on and it feels great.
The reason I put a fair amount of cream on is to have cream between my skin and my dressing which I discovered feels more comfortable for me.
Today is my first light therapy. I was quite comfortable sitting in the car as I drove myself there, the last couple of days I have been laying down or sitting with a pillow under my bottom. In the car, I didn’t need a pillow for support. Julie explained the light therapy and got me set up, has a look at my stitches and how I was going, I am still a bit swollen but other than that everything is going well.

Day 6

Sometimes I have had family friends enter my home and question why I am walking funny and as this is quite a personal procedure and I am happy telling my partner and mum I didn’t really want others to know. So I just said I have a sore back as a result of my period and that seemed to work. I did find wearing shoes and focusing on my walking and breathing made me walk normally. I wish I used commonsense and worn shoes earlier and I am sure ambulating would have been easier.
Today a bit of itchiness begins, it’s not too bad but it’s definitely there, I just preserver and try my best not to itch.

Day 7

One week since my procedure and I can’t believe how good I am moving and feeling. I enter the clinic for my light therapy and Dr Dash has a look to see how I am going.
It appears I have pulled out one of my stitches and I honestly can’t remember feeling when I did this, he said I was healing well and didn’t require anything further.
I felt the light therapy really helped with the healing process.
In all my 22 years I have never looked at my vagina as much as I have in this past week, I would check after my baths, after urinating, and when getting changed how everything is going and I just couldn’t believe how amazing the human body is in the way in how we heal.

Day 10

I am starting to go for walks around my neighborhood and life feels really normal. The little towel gives me security as I still have a bit of swelling.
I still feel itchy but not as frequently. It is so good being able to bend down and grab things slowly which I haven’t been able to do in a while, I’m starting to really feel confident and empowered within myself.
I am so proud of myself for going through and feel the light at the end of the tunnel is near still in shock that this has all happened and why I didn’t know about this or do this earlier.

Day 14

I have met with Dr Dash and everything is looking great, the stitches are dissolving and he is really happy with the healing process and so am I.
I am wearing tights and boots with a little heel today as well which was such a great feeling.

Day 18

I feel as though I have gone back to normal daily life and sometimes even forget what I have just done I still have some swelling, I am assuming this is just my body and my healing process as each individual is different.
When I go to the toilet it’s still a guessing game about what way the urine is going to flow.

Day 21

I went back into the clinic as I thought I still had stitches that hadn’t dissolved.
I had a shower before I went in and the final stitch came out as I was cleaning the area because when I entered the clinic and Julie checked there were no stitches in.
Hahah silly me I should have double-checked but that’s okay because it was still great to go in and get Julie to check how I am going.

6-week mark

I am at the end of my labiaplasty experience and I couldn’t be happier, I have the tiniest bit of swelling on my right labia but I can honestly say I LOVE MY VAGINA!
It is so comfortable in undies and pants, previously didn’t as my labia would always rub depending on what I was wearing, and also when exercising.
I feel like a whole new woman who can achieve anything, it’s crazy to say after a simple procedure but this was truly life-changing.

I had my final check-up with Dr Dash and I got the all-clear to have sex again, I was super excited but also extremely nervous.

My first sexual experience post labiaplasty
Like I said previously I was nervous but also super excited, as my vagina had been through so much over the past 6 weeks my body felt like it couldn’t have sex, so it was a bit of a fail.
I just had to reassure myself that this isn’t going to inflict the pain that a labiaplasty does.
When trying to have sex the first time I felt broken, like my body wasn’t ready to do what it is supposed to do, my internal muscles down there just didn’t want to relax.
I knew I wasn’t ready to have sex just yet so waited another week. it was initially painful each time did get better.

I personally am on the contraceptive pill and skipped my period while I was healing, but could have used pads if I didn’t want to skip it.

– First night have everything ready and don’t stand up to take medication, only stand up if absolutely required
– Rest, rest, rest as much as you can
– If you can have someone to be ‘your runner’ and get you icepacks and medication for the first couple of days, that really helps
– If you are not sure about anything, or just want to talk about how you are feeling contact Julie, she was an absolute lifesaver for me and reassured me.
– Ice pack in an ankle sock works well
– Wearing ‘full brief’ underwear as it just makes everything feel more secure
– Lather cream so healing skin doesn’t stick to gauze

I just want to say a massive thank you to Dr Dash, Julie, and the Aesthetica team for making my labiaplasty experience extremely personal, and for being so supportive.



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