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What is microneedling?

Have you been using cosmeceuticals for years and are looking for the next step to boost your routine?
Or maybe you’ve got problematic skin you’re trying to fix as quickly as possible.
Or maybe you’re just a skincare junkie and want to try something different.

Our home micro-needling is the answer to your prayers! But how does it work I hear you ask and why can’t I just massage in my serums?


Looking after your skin

Your skin is incredible! It’s the first line of defence in keeping us healthy and preventing foreign bodies such as bacteria and viruses from taking over and causing infection.
The upper layers of your skin are densely packed together with dead skin cells, think of it like a brick wall. Most bacteria or viruses can’t slip through the bricks so therefore can’t get you sick.
They sit on top of the first layer of bricks and get brushed or washed off and your body has done a great job of keeping you free of disease. But this can make product penetration of your serums difficult because they also are too big to slip between the cracks.

Delivery system

Some serums can get around this by developing a delivery system. The delivery system wraps your ingredients in a covering that mimics the plasma membrane or in our brick wall example this would be the mortar. It tricks the brick wall (your skin) into thinking its part of the wall (skin) and the wall (skin) pulls it down to the layers it needs to get to. These often need to be massaged in and manually pushed into the skin. Over a matter of weeks or months enough of the product accumulates between the skin cells and finally reaches the bottom layer of your skin where it can do all its good work.

Skin Barrier

The second way your skincare may get around the barrier of your skin is by using ingredients that are small enough to slip through the cracks of our imaginary brick wall. For example, Hyaluronic Acid in skincare products is a big buzz now. This is due to its ability to bind water which gives a plump and hydrated finish. But did you know hyaluronic acid is too big of a molecule to slip through the barrier of your skin. It would be like trying to push an egg through the eye of a needle. So good cosmeceutical company will formulate with sodium hyaluronate which is small enough to pass through the skin barrier and acts the same way hyaluronic acid.


So, these methods are great, but we can do better. This is where home needling comes in. The Synergie RejuvaDerm roller uses fine and soft polymer needles to gently push apart the skin cells and allow a tunnel for your ingredients to slip through. This increases your product penetration 4-fold. You will also see the results of your serum faster as it won’t take weeks for your ingredients to make its journey through the skin cells and allows bigger ingredients an easy passage through our metaphorical brick wall.

For first time rollers we recommend the 0.25mm roller and for the first few weeks use it every second or third night. As your skin becomes more accustomed to it you can increase to every 1-2 evenings and then every morning and evening. After 6-9 months of home rolling, you can progress to 0.5mm. And to make life even easier for you we’ve developed a starter kit for you. The full kit includes an 0.25mm home roller, a full size treatment mask and samples of serums, cleansers, exfoliators, toners and moisturisers. We also have a mini kit for those who have a full range of serums already at home but are looking at starting their home roller journey.

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